create procedural to create terrain

i need a create a terrain by c++ code, the data are read by a file xml and the texture is a orthophot ,I created a aactor but i can´t continue, i don´t know how can create the terrain and give the values, i am lost.

sorry my bad english.

thank you.

runtime mesh component

what is the different between ProceduralMeshComponent and runtime mesh component?

My idea is create a aactor and this aactor will create a terrain per file xml in a folder.

As far as I know Runtime Mesh Component is better only if your terrain will change its geometry often (RMC performs better in this case i.e. faster). If you just want to create a static terrain Procedural Mesh Component is your best friend (and even changing the terrain not very often is still better than RMC I think)
Also, RMC is not really portable between different engine versions. Although Koderz (the author of the RMC) doing an amazing job at pushing to updates to RMC so it supports newer versions of the engine, PMC is still better in this case (maybe because Epic just forgot about it and don’t update it haha).
If you want to see any code reference on creating the terrain using PMC you can check out my world generator here GitHub - Flone-dnb/FWorldGenerator: Procedural world generator (plugin) for Unreal Engine 4
Specifically look at the AFWGen::generateChunk function in this file FWorldGenerator/FWGen.cpp at master · Flone-dnb/FWorldGenerator · GitHub