Create Player node does not seem to be working


Today I set up a new custom game mode and player controller, aptly named RPGGameMode and RPGGameController. The defaults have all been set properly, and the first controller is created just fine, but when I have my RPGGameMode Create 3 players (simple for loop with player create node), none of the debugging text I put in the RPGGameController constructor displays except for player 1 who works just fine. When I attempt to create a player through console commands, I get an error saying the Player Controller at that slot has indeed been created but it’s just a generic player controller for some reason.

If I stop my custom GameMode from creating the player characters, and add them in all manually through console. They all work perfectly.

Am I missing something here? Debug and GameMode shouldn’t be doing that, as far as I can tell.

One other thing to note, player 1 is created after all of the others if I let RPGGameMode create on BeginPlay.

Upon testing further, even if called from player character, it’s still the wrong controller type. Yet debug still works.

Would you be able to post some screenshots of your Game Mode blueprint? What I usually do in multiplayer scenarios is create a “On Post Login” event in the Game Mode blueprint, spawn an actor and tell the controller to possess that actor.

Also, I’m assuming you’ve set up the parameters in your Game Mode to use your RPGGameController for the player controller? And set the project to use the RPGGameMode?