Create Plane or Box that is exactly 1000x1000

Is it possible to create a simple plane or box that is 1000x1000 units?

Hi man ,
The basic cube you pick up from the toolbox, its 100cm for each side at scale 1
so if you want a 1000 cm cube just scale it to 10.

So to make the box another crazy dimension like 458x5167 I’d have to employ a formula right?

You can think like this.
1 cube scaled to 0,01 is just 1 cm…
if you want is 458 cm, make 0,01 * 458 = 4.58 and you set the scale to 4.58
Almost you dont have do to the calculation , 5167 cm is 51.67 just move the “,”
to have a wall or 16 meters… so 1600cm the scale is 16.00
Take the misure , go in CM, move the dot 2 number left and its done

Awesome – Thanks!