Create or print a report file from UE4.

Hey everyone, I have an architectural project with those which can change materials etc, and I was wondering whether UE4 can save or create a document generated based on what materials my objects have. Maybe the question is whether is it possible at all for UE4 to ‘save to file’ a text document? (.txt is fine) Thank you.

You should have a look into Rama’s Extra Blueprint Nodes plugin.

If your project is a c++ project you can do it like this.

hey thanks! Exactly what I was looking for. I think this is what you meant from Rama’s? And no I don’t do C++.

~ SaveStringTextToFile - Save human-readable text to a file of your choosing.

I will be trying that out. Thank you very much.

Nice! Please let me know, if you were successful. I never used this Blueprint Node. :slight_smile: