create non-player characters


I address you to guide me in my search. I want to make a game in which there are characters doing different jobs in a society. I don’t know where to start. I find tutorials on enemies to face but not on partners who can work with the main character.
Can you tell me or find tutorials that could teach me and how to start setting up on unreal or help me advance?

Thank you in advance for your help

Hi man,
you want to build a society of variables and actors. and connect them using A.I. or blueprint…

Its a long way man, but start with 1 simple job. Farmer
Just with that you have to build The Farmer behaviour and variables, his strenght and needs, like sleeps, and hunger.
He have to find food automaticly and put it another “state” to use is for heal his hunger , or to plant it again and get more food.
He cant work 24H so you have to be aware of time and give him a place to sleep.

Try starting with 3 actors,
The farmer
The home
The food.

here is the first tutorial i found on A.I. But you can also build it all in blueprints for learn

Hi Est_engine,

I am currently viewing the tutorials that you indicate to me, but it is still the only application of ia in the aim of a NPC that patrols and chases a character. I understand that he can get from the farm to the field.
What about an application that could make other action to the NPC. How to get her to and from place to place and to take care of the cows and bring them food from the farm taking stock
or to take care of each of them while they themselves move in the meadow (for example)?
Another question how to implement the division of a day in 24 hours and without service?

Thank you in advance for your time.

Good topic, would love to learn from this as well.

Get a handle on AI.

Learn what a Behavior tree does and how the blackboard works with it. Its basically blueprints but with a my abstract logic. Understand how to allow the AI to enter different “states” or enter different behavior tree sequences/selectors. Do a couple simple MoveTo and waits to get a feel for it.

Its a long process. I’ve been messing with AI for about 2 months now and was JUST able to start getting an understanding of most the Ai and stuff.

Here is an example of what I was able to do so far.

Basically i got my AI to Play Tag with me LOL

For When u start doing it, dont forget to add your nev mesh bounds =P Trust me that advice will save you headaches later LOL