Create Night

I looked documentation:


I made of Build Light.




PS:Excuse me for my bad English=)

There is a problem inside of the engine sky sphere blueprint. In the error, click on the underlined text “BP_Sky_Sphere”, and it should open up a blueprint, then look for the node ‘Set Vector Parameter Value’ in the ‘UpdateSunDirection’ function, and take pictures.

You need screenshot?


PS:Excuse me for my bad English=)

I believe that one of the errors is because you have not selected a directional light for your sky sphere to use. In your level, click on the sky sphere actor, and in the details panel, set a directional light for it to use.

Thank you=) Errors are gone, but the time of day does not change. The sun does not move=( Why?

PS:Excuse me for my bad English=)

Oh, Excuse me=) problem solved=) I don’t set a Delta Rotation=)) Thank you very much!=))

PS:Excuse me for my bad English=)