Create news instances on demand (Pixel Streaming)

Hi. I configured Pixel Streaming to work from my pc as a server. Everything works fine for now. My friends can access from outside (in turn).
I have also added the Matchmaker, and it works (I see that it communicates with Signaling, but I have a question: I need another instance of the game to run when another client connects. How can I do this?
I think there must be some way to run a new instance of the game automatically every time a client connects, right?

Hey, did you get this to run? im strugling with the same problems…

@jarnosrt8 I’m starting to get into my first tests to use the matchmaker server, how did you do your test? Was it one machine with 2x instances running? And was it as plain as executing the run.bat file to start the matchmaker server?

If I’m hopefully thinking about this correctly, I can have the matchmaker server running on the machine running the 2x instances, in the config.js file in signalingwebserver, I change the UseMatchmaker to “true”, and then the signalingwebserver -PixelstreamingIP=“Insert Public IP Address Here” or would this have to be the var matchmakerAddress = ‘’ from the cirrus.js file?

Do you know if using the runAWS_WithTURN option works with the matchmaker server?

Thanks for your time!