Create new streaming level for world composition

Hello all!
I’ve been working on a pipeline involving world composition, and I would love to be able to auto generate my streaming levels with a script.
(I’m using blueprint editor scripting in a widget. The results are the same with blutilities.)
When I try to use the node Create new streaming level, it tries to add the level to the world I think and then my editor crashes. This only happens when world composition is enabled in the persistent level. Otherwise it works fine.
It does finish creating 1 level and upon restarting unreal the sub level is correctly listed in the Levels window. However that’s not really helpful.

One possible solution I had in mind was to create normal levels in a subfolder of the persistent level. Then when opening the persistent level again while world composition is enabled it will automatically add all levels in the subfolder as streaming levels(This seems to work only when manually opening the level. Not by scripting).
When that is done I could loop through my objects in the persistent level and move them accordingly to the correct streaming level.
Following the above workflow I stumbled on a new problem, I couldn’t figure out on how to get the correct package name, which is required as input for the Move selected actors to level(copying the package name from the levels detail tab didn’t work). With the *Create new streaming level *node I get the option to instantly move the selected actors to the new level. Which would save me a for loop.

Basically I feel the editor scripting has support for normal level streaming but isn’t ready yet to be used for world composition?
I’d love if the crash is a simple bug that could be easily fixed, since getting this pipeline to work is a vital aspect to the project.

If anyone has any idea on how I could work around this it would greatly help. Would trying this in Python might give different or better results? That was next on my list to try.
Or maybe even a c++ plugin? Since I would really like to have the ability to make an interface haha