Create new animation on default unreal character

Using the Unreal’s default game character, I want to create a single arm hit/swing weapon action.

How should I go about doing this?

Should I use the A-Pose skeleton to create a new animation from?
Also can I just animate the arm, and it blend with the other animations i.e run/walk/idle

Thank you.


I used/exported the idle animation, as that was the only skeleton/mesh that I saw had an export option for it.

(In Blender) I deleted all keys, and then animated the just the arm hit.

Back in Unreal, I created the mouse button hit event. The animation works great for the arm motion, but (I’m sure you have guested it already) the pose is locked into the still idle pose. There is no walk or run animation when moving.

What is the right way to create new animations?



This is still a question, and would really appreciate some help :stuck_out_tongue:

I have exported the SK_Manequin and animated just the shoulder bone (karate chop motion).

I have it being triggered, but the character snaps into full A-pose, and doesnt transition back into the walk or idle.

Do I need to tick an blend option or something?


In the event graph, I added a delay node, and set a animation mode node, which now resets the characters pose to default after the attack anim is played. :slight_smile:

My next issue is:

To animate the arm chop, I only animated the the shoulder bone. I did this while the SK_manikin was in A-Pose. When I play back the animation, the whole character goes into A-pose and does the arm chop.

I want the char to be able to run and walk and arm chop at the same time. How do I go about this.
Should I have not animated the A-pose manikin?
Do I need to use blend modes?

Take a look at “Layered blend per bone”. You could merge two different animations with it and screw them together at a specified bone (for example keep the anim from the main body and only use your anim from shoulder bone upwards and so on). There are already few examples in the forum how to do that.