Create new actor by C++

I want to draw a point or a line by C++ in unreal 4 ,
the point or line is an actor. How can I do it, can you show me? thanks a lot

Check out Spawning Actors.

thanks you very much. I have already read that,but I am not understand that an Actor is an object that I can put them into the world, just like the cube.
the cube is a 3D object that have property like position,size,materials and so on. How can I describe the actor I created by C++.
Can you show me the code to draw a point and a line? thans a lot:)

Are you talking about a model (static mesh / skeletal mesh) or a simple point / line?

There are several DrawDebugXXX functions that can draw points, lines etc.
e.g. DrawDebugLine(GetWorld(), LineStart, LineEnd, FColor::Green, true);

But these are only designed for - you guessed it - debug purposes.

Yes, I am talking about the model not the drawDubugXXX,thanks a lot!
we may have six hour time difference :rolleyes: