Create Named Dynamic Material Instance Changed Material for no reason

Hi, I battle with this issue for over 2 weeks and no matter where and how much I ask no one knows why does that happen so I figured this is the best place to report it as a bug

I want to change a 4 vector parameter inside a material, that is being used by a particle I made, during gameplay

so i went to the forums and been instructed to use a “Create Named Dynamic Material Instance”, I assume this node is simply suppose to specify the the material i plan to make dynamic but instead it changes the material for no reason

this is how it looks before i use the node:

and this is how it looks after:

this is happening only by using the “Create Named Dynamic Material Instance” node and applying the necessary changes but here is the whole structure of nodes I had planned to use:

Hey SoulsKeeper,

If you believe that this is a bug, please report it over on Answerhub in our Bug Reports section, and we will get someone to investigate the issue.


Thank you sorry for posting it here, false alarm i found out what was the problem and tried to erase the thread but didn’t managed to and i didn’t bother to comment again because it wasn’t on the first page anymore and didn’t think it will come back up

Sorry and thank you again ^^