create my own mapping for a bindaxis?

hello people i reseach a while, but i dont found nothing, its possible create my own mapping then later, use a regular bindaxis?

Hey ZkarmaKun!

Can you define what you mean by your own mapping?

I only know of two input mapping methods:

  1. Using the BindAxis/Action with the Project Input Settings
  2. Directly checking if a button is pressed/held, or if an axis is greater than or less than 0

If you plan on changing binding methods, I would normally just advise sticking to the binding methods.
This is pretty simple in itself.

You set up the names of action and axis input, and which buttons/inputs are assigned to them,
and then in your character, or even player controller, you can do this:

void AYourCharacter::SetupPlayerInputComponent(class UInputComponent* InputComponent)
	// set up gameplay key bindings
	InputComponent->BindAction("HERE IS THE NAME OF THE ACTION", HERE IS HOW IT IS PRESSED, this, &AYourCharacter::YOURFUNCTION);
        InputComponent->BindAxis("HERE IS THE NAME OF THE AXIS", this, &AYourCharacter::YOURFUNCTION);

For action bindings, your functions shouldn’t take any paramaeters.
For axis bindings, your function should take a float, normally called “Value”.

Hope this helps!