Create multiple beams in one loop

Hey, I have set up a beam, and I am currently trying to create a line of beams/lasers using a for loop however once one is created, the other one immediately takes its place, so you are only left with the last beam. Is there a way to visualize all the beams at once, thanks.

create multiple particle components dynamically from that forloop. store their references in some array.

kinda new to ue4, would i have to store the points for the beam in an array, and then create the beam from the array?

Can anyone help me with this? Thanks

A beam can only have two points, you’ll need more than one emitter. So either an array of particle effects references, or just spawn them, like this:

I’m not entirely sure what you’re trying to do, so I don’t know if that is exactly what you want.

Thanks. I want to create an arc trajectory which will show when my character will land when they jump. I use a function to work out the start and end point from 2 times, so when I loop this I can create an arc of points

You have the start and end, but you don’t have any other points on the arc do you?

I input my start location and velocity into a function and input the index from the forloop. Say the are 100 indexes in the forloop, the function will give me back 100 points which will make up the arc

If you’ve already got your array of points, then this should work:

Thanks a lot. I don’t have my points in an array currently but I will do that now.