Create multiple animation clips

How do you go about creating multiple animation clips from a run on animation sequence that you get from animators or
mo cap data? Unity has this feature is it in unreal I cant seem to find it any where.

Hi Ray,

You should be able to create animation composites to split up an animation, although the workflow isn’t ideal ( Create a new one, then add your long sequence into it and set the start point/length accordingly.

Michael Noland

Thanks that is a workaround but would be MUCH better to specify frames rather than time. Is there any place where the unreal guys are showing features they are working on? I was thinking if I wanted to implement something like that myself did the work and then the next day they released a patch with that very same
feature would be wasted time. Anyways thanks.

We’re still figuring out exactly how to present that sort of information, but the plan is to have a public facing roadmap in the future.

Converting that to use frames instead, or in addition to time isn’t filed ATM. If you want to have a crack at it, I’d be glad to look at integrating it back.

Michael Noland

any progress towards this? I’m new to UE and I’m trying to learn how to create my own animations…

You can create duplicate of the existing animation, and then remove frames you don’t need, but it would be nicer to ask you frame range before duplicating one. If you look at the animation editor, and see “Create Asset” tool bar, you’ll see create animation from current sequencer. If you’d like to allow add range for that, that would be great. :slight_smile: