Create moveable Image in UMG

I am trying to display a very big image in a small (scroll-)box. Without stretching the image to fit into that box. I want to be able to move the image by clikcing/touching and dragging to let it go where I want to have it.

To kinda visualize it here:


The box would always stay at the same place only the image would move.

I’ve tried achieving this with a Scrollbox. Yet the scrollbox moves only in one direction and stretches the image in that direction in which you cant move. That’s not what I want.

If theres another possible way to achieve this I’d gladly hear about it.

Thanks in Advance

Have you tried to make the image larger than the widget size and then move the image around within the scripting in the opposite direction to the movement of the box so that it looks like the image is stationary while moving the box around?

1 option: Override functions : on mouse button down, On drag detected and On drop. research “DragDropOperations” blueprints. uses in moving a sub widget(could be single image) around under mouse cursor, seen in inventory item movements. Easy set.