Create material .uasset files from outside Unreal?

Is there any way to create this kind of fileformat programatically without being inside Unreal, also preferible if there is no dll dependency.


No, there’s no tool for doing that, and using the UE4 code to create one wouldn’t be allowed under the license terms.

Thank you for your reply, and another alternative like the “paste” for placing objects? I ask this since my intention is to create a tool that allows te user to create materials in a easy way.

If you want to make materials in a game, you could make a material and make a material instance with different parameters plugged into the material that you could change dynamically–like color or even switch out textures. If you wanted to save materials in your game you’d have to save the values in some file format that you could then reload later.

No, I mean save materials from outside the editor to be readed inside the editor.

You could look into what devs have done to migrate projects over from UDK…
Don’t think materials were included in any migration tools, but I could be wrong…