Create loading screen without streaming level?

I’m looking for a smooth solution to create real loading screen without using a persistent level. I tried this way but when I open the map a lot of things are different, shaders, world collision, respawn location etc. Any suggestions?

If you dont want use the ""real loading screen “” you can always fake one, placing a widget to cover the whole camera for some seconds, until everything is loaded, but how can you know if it is loaded?

I would like to use real :frowning: using open level freeze everything

Unfortuntely, streaming is the way to go.

It does take quite a lot of getting used to though, and that’s why weird things can happen.

If you have strange things happening, golden rule is never edit the levels from the persistent level. Only edit the level as standalone map files.

I always edit them as standalone! But lot of things changes…what if I do it adding some c++? I found this and should avoid level streaming do you know how it works? Thanks dude :smiley:

It’s a custom game instance. Because the game instance is loaded all the time, you can use it to load and unload menus while your using ‘open level’ to change the level.

Seems a good solution then! thanks dude