Create in UE4 OR in 3DS MAX?

Hey guys, myself and our team are starting to work on a TPS game project. We intend on creating lots of various buildings, such as houses, apartment blocks, hospitals, police stations etc. We need to know something quite important, the first building we have agreed to start with is a large hospital (due to the game story, the opening of the level: there is going to be a guy held hostage in the hospital…); should we build the hospital in UE4, or is it much easier to create modular rooms and corridors in 3DS MAX? Things such as creating elevators etc sounds tricky, and I know some devs do prefer to create certain buildings in UE4 - and only really use Maya/3DS when it comes to modelling smaller objects and assets etc.

Any advice would be much appreciated on what we should use to create the buildings. Furthermore, the annoying thing is, all the tutorials on Youtube, where people show how to create buildings, they are really only creating the exteriors, and not teaching how to create the interior of that building. And vice versa, there are tutorials on purely interiors (the 3DS vids they are).

In general, you use Maya or Max.

That being said, you can block out a level in UE using BSP. It works well. And you can convert the BSP to static meshes.

Historically, in the old quake-era, bsp was used for levels.

But that has passed, and the typical pipeline is to use static meshes for you level geometry.

You should use a modular approach to build the basic architecture/geometry. then add sublevels that can be streamed in at runtime for single rooms in the houses.