Create in-game editor

Similar to Kerbal Space Program I am wanting to create an in-game editor for the player to manipulate two or more objects that interact with each other to do various things. Does anyone know how I may go about adding pieces together and will then allow the player to tweak his vehicle to do different things? Just trying to wrap my head around how I may begin this process. Any feedback is appreciated.


Kind of a complicated thing to put into a single post, but basically create an editor UI in UMG, and make functions for every action you want the editor to perform. Lots of functions that spawn parts, scale them, rotate them, turn on and off functionality, increase and decease variables, etc.

Really depends on how far you want to take it, but most things should be doable in blueprint.

Hello RobertJS3, piggy-backing off Zeustiak’s response, I would add that you’ll need to acquire/author modular 3D assets designed to be assembled in-game. In the context of a Vehicle the Skeletal Mesh is for the Chassis, and Static Meshes for Hood, Doors, Trunk, Bumpers, etc. In addition to functions that spawn and orientate Mesh Components, you need functions to Attach/Detatch Static Mesh components to/from Skeletal Bones/Sockets. Other types of Components such as Particle Systems, Lights, Physics can be attached/detached in the same manner. I’m developing a Suite of In-game Editing Apps entirely with Blueprints for all content in my FPSRPG (see sig) so I’ll gladly share my discoveries in this process.

@TechLord @Zeustiak This is great feedback. Thanks guys, I have a lot of work to do. I guarantee I will have many more questions as I go along.

Anytime. Assuming you acquired UE4. I recommend Firstly, setting up integrated Source Control A.S.A.P, preferably Perforce. Secondly, acquire and install the UE4 Launcher, Goto to the *Learn *Section and download the Content Examples](Content Examples | Unreal Engine Documentation) Project (and other Engine Feature Examples). I’ve solved many problems with these examples. Thirdly, Load up the Content Examples:Mouse Interactive Level Demo. This will provide a basic BP that demonstrates how to select an actor and move it around with the mouse. I’m expanding on this example for multi-object selection by individual object to compliment BP Get Actors in Selection Rectangle. Be prepared to Reference BP Documentation frequently til you get the hang of it.

Do you intend to support any Multi-user editing?