Create huge city in UE4

Hi all,
I need to pick your collective brains for a project that I’m working on.
I need to be able to build a huge city. The idea is to have a view from the top of a huge skyscraper. I probably won’t need to go to groundlevel, so I can probably get away with less detail on the lower buildings.

An example of what I’m trying to achieve is on the screenshot in attach. It’s the VR experience for the movie The Walk.
What would be the most optimal way to 1) model that entire city + 2)create the materials for all those buildings?

I know there are city building packs on the marketplace, but I cannot imagine the city in the screenshot was built by hand in UE4 - every single building separately.
Is it not all just 1 big model with a huge projection map on it for texturing ?

Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 02.26.40.png

I would just go buy or rent a drone :slight_smile:

You can try CityGen a powerful free city generator: