Create Hair in UE4

Hello !
Yes my question looks quite similar than this one: Best way to do hair - AnswerHub - Unreal Engine Forums
and other question about it…
But let me explain…
I would like to have this type of hairs:


So I don’t want polygon with transparent texture like in most game, I want something look like multiple bezier curve.
What I want is really close to the render of this plug-in : Hair Rendering Simulation test - Game Development - Unreal Engine Forums but it seems not released yet…
I am both 3D artist and programmer but the thing is for my 3D models I use blender and even if I really love this software using blender put some limitation in term of exporting thing… and like vector field I think I can just forget about exporting my hairs.

So my questions are:
Can I do the hairs directly inside UEeditor (maybe particles, like in blender?) ?

->if yes a link to the documentation with a clue to know which path I should search

->if no which pipeline should I use and with which blender plug-in or specialized software

I saw 2 things name “APEX” and “TRESSFX” but I’m not sure I understand what they are. Are they library ? algorithm ? a software to do what I want ? a very specific file type ?

To be honest I’m posting because I see this should be possible UE4, I know how it work in blender it’s very blurry form me how artist can pass their creation to unreal… So it strange to say but when answering this please act like I’m really dumb because I think I just miss something obvious. I’m really sorry if a similar question was already answered. If it was I did not understand the answer. Thank you !

would love to see this too :slight_smile: It would be amazing"

I have a similar problem I would like to do feathers like you can in blender. I wonder if it would be too much geometry to use look at my hare for Daz.