Create grass with wind without speedtree?

As you know speedtree is not free to use… and i want to create some good looking grass and maybe trees also.
so is there any way to create grass which also will be able to act in wind without using speedtree?
i know photoshop very well i can paint my textures if i have to. i can create mesh for grass in blender and import it in UE4… i can use alpha images to make the mesh look like grass. i also have a fair amount of knowledge of how to use foliage tool in UE4. My only concerned is that how can i add wind to those meshes to act like grass etc since they are not imported from speedtree??

Or if i’m going in wrong direction then tell me if there is some other way to create grass with wind without speedtree. or any other free application! thanks!

I think i have come to the point where my questions so far have no working answers… :\

You could either rig the trees and grass with a rig, and then animate that rig with a subtle looping animation. Or create the rig, and use Physics to handle all of the bones except for the root bone. As far as I know, the wind system in UE4 only affects Speedtrees.