Create Grapple Gun and Cape Glide

Hello to everyone,
I want to create a Grapple gun and a Cape Glide ability with similar usage to the Batman Arkham Series Grapple and Glide abilities but I don’t know how to create them in UE4.
Has anyone here an Idea how to create these abilities and are there special requirements to the animations? For the gliding ability I would also like to know if there is any possibility to change the Cape’s normalmap and alpha-mask while Gliding.


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Bumping this thread up because I have absolutely no idea how to start creating these

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bruh same im trying to make a justice league game, batman going to make him first

Well, why not just ask how to make the whole game?

You break it down into little pieces. What do you need first? A grappling gun. You don’t need fancy graphics or animations yet, just a gun that shoots a line trace. Is the hit location a valid grapple point? Now you want to lerp the character to that point, etc.

Break it into to small pieces and tackle one piece at a time. Don’t make try to make a grappling gun, Instead try to make all the little pieces. Just make an actor blue print that you can socket to the hand. Then add functionality that let’s you ‘activate’ that actor (i.e. pressing the fire button). Then make the ‘firing’ do a line trace to where ever you’re looking when the fire button is pressed. Then test the hit locations to see if it’s a valid point. Then move the character to that location. Do you want to test for collisions along the way? After everything is working properly, add the fancy graphics and stuff. One little piece at a time.

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Oh wow this thread rose from the dead xD
Well fast forward a few years and I’ve worked that stuff out ages ago.

I wonder why it showed up on the first page of the forums. I never even noticed the date. LOL. If you were still stuck on the problem, five year later, then maybe game development is not a good career choice.

Yeah no idea why the forum decided to play necromancer on this one by putting it onto the first page.
But ye, if I were stuck on this for five years that’d be a bit awkward xD Made that post waaay back when I was just getting started with unreal.