Create frustum check from location not camera

Hello everyone.

I’ve been looking to try and get a frustrum check from actor location.

I know there are ways to use the camera to do this but I’d like to get it to check from the center of the actor location.

This is because the camera can move between 3rd person and first.

Ideally one could have its location fix in the center of actors location but get its rotation from the cameras rotation so they are looking in the same direction.

Any help is appreciated.

A frustum check is done by checking if an object’s bounds sphere and box is within the camera frustum which defined by 6 planes (near clip plane, far plane and top/bottom/right/left).


So when you say “from the center of actor location” you mean an arbitrary camera location/rotation?

First step would be to actually define the frustum :stuck_out_tongue:
Second step would be plane to box/sphere intersection math.