Create exact 9km x 6.5km Landscape. How ?


I search for a long time to find a document about how to make an exact dimensions for a Landscape base on what you need since all on it talk about the basics like 1 unit = 1 cm which won’t help me since i’m not Level Designer/Environment Artist so i just want a little knowledge about how to create 9km x 6.5km Landscape to do some test on it. I really appreciate if someone show me how to do it not refer to some documents which may not help me ?

Thanks in advance.

Uhm, I’m in the same boat as you in terms of UE4 level design, but a cheap hack is maybe starting off with a BSP brush sized to 900,000 x 650,000u then size your landscape to mirror it’s size?

I couldn’t get it exactly the same dimentions, but something very close (Copy my measurements I guess)


Might be an engine limitation?

Have you tried World Machine? In that you can dictate specific output sizes. You can also generate some sweet looking landscapes that are geographically accurate. You should be able to create a 9km x 6.5km landscape and output a heightmap.

Thanks DP Studio, Can i ask what is the size of this landscape.

Thanks Akashv, Will World Machine even more complex than UE4 when it come to create a landscape :slight_smile:


Oh it’s not so bad. This is a good primer to get started:

Even then if you just want to playtest just toss an advanced perlin in the generator tab, go to the preferences to set output size and link the perlin to a height output.

The terrain settings are on the left hand side of the screenshot

Scale * 200xyz
Section Size: 127x127 Quads
Sections Per Component: 2x2
Number of Components: 18x13
Overall Resolution: 4,573x3,303

Might be able to set the Scale to * 210’ish, these settings should give you alright performance.
Would also recommend you using world composition for this, I could help with this

Thanks Akashv, I will try but no guarantee to be able to understand this if not expert enough skills :slight_smile:

No, I mean what is the result terrain dimensions not the settings :slight_smile:

8.8x6.3, I believe

Hi, Sorry for late replay but i have to ask how did you know it is 8.8km x 6.3km ?

Sorry for my late reply, I don’t check forums daily.

I’ve got a BSP brush and just scaled it until it fit the dimensions of the landscape and converter the unreal units into real world units

What that mean ? and What i need to change to make it 8.5km x 5km for example ?