Create event with the entered letters in the Actions List of Blueprints

It would be really convenient if we right click on the blueprint graph and type the name (lets say XYZ) of the CUSTOM EVENT that i want to create and just below i get an option to create a custom event with that name(XYZ). So that i don’t have to type CUSTOM EVENT and then hit enter and then put the name of the event and then press enter again. It would save a few keystrokes and would be overall a cool addition to the existing awesome system.

Alternatively you could add keyboard shortcut for creating Custom Event. It should be in the engine since day 1 :wink:

This pull requests shows how to define a shortcut.

Add it to favourites:


Right click to bring the menu, left click to place the node, type name. Same number of actions that you suggest and you keep the same workflow for everything.

Thanks for the tip but it would have been helpful for you to tell us how to add them to our favorites and enable them in the context menu. After searching and guessing I figured it out, hope this helps others. I’m using Unreal Engine Version 4.22.1

  1. Watch this video, it’s old but shows you how to add a node to your favorites. Blueprint Favorites - Unreal Engine
    *** If you don’t want to watch just right click in your blueprint as to add the node (the context menu will pop up) When you see that node, hover your mouse to the left of the node in the list and you will see a star, click that star and it will be added to your favorites.**

  2. Enable your favorites to be shown in the context menu when you right click in your blueprint. Go to your “Editor Preferences” then paste in the top search “Context Menu: Show Favorites Section” without the quotes of course. Check the checkbox to enable it and there you go, enjoy. (This was the part I had to guess at because the favorites weren’t showing up in my context menu, not sure if it was covered in that video because I skimmed through it lol)