"Create Event" node

Do you know what is the function of this node?
Couldn’t find any info :wink:

The Create Event node creates a single cast delegate (for coherent naming we decide not to use “delegate” word in blueprints). A single cast delegate contains an object and a function that can be called on the object. An Event Dispatcher is internally a set of delegates with the same signature (a set of parameters).
Before you can choose a function in Create Event node you need to specify the object input (so the class of object is known) and the delegate output (so the signature of function is known).
The delegate output in an Event (or Custom Event) node is implemented as Create Event node where Object input is connected to ‘self’ node.

Is there in marketplace some examples? Read this post 5 times,but don’t get how to create new event and bind it to OnDestroy event.

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Agree with @Rusbaron - I really can’t get the idea of “The delegate output in an Event (or Custom Event) node is implemented as Create Event”. Could you please explain a bit more detailed and also would be great if you could add some simple example of what entities are used, their signatures and how all this stuff is connected?

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After spending some time I’ve got the following: Node=“Create Event”, Object=“self”, Select Function=“previously created function with the signature matching the Event Dispatcher I want to subscribe to”.
So the node “Create Event” is basically the way to bind a function (class method) to Event Dispatcher (basically, the same as “Custom Event”, but instead of an event a function is used). Signatures for Event Dispatcher and function should match, only then you can see you function in the list of possible functions.