Create dedicated server for chess game


I have simple chess game which is only for 1 player, so my pawns have movement logic. I would like to create multiplayer for it using dedicated server (console only) which will run on my server without graphics with simple matchmaking.

How should matchmaking work:
It should be very easy, like if there will be 2 players (or even number) then server will create game instance for 2 players and these 2 players will connect to this instance, if there will be another 2 players waiting for matchmaking then server will create another game instance and so on, as you can see I want to have very simple just “connect” 2 players to game instance.

But I don’t know how to do it, I know how to create simple single player game in UE4, but I don’t know how to create dedicated server for it, I didn’t find any good tutorial for it.