Create custom Mouse cursor using UMG

Hello, I’m trying to create my custom mouse cursor by using UMG. First, I create my widget blueprint whichcalled MyCustomCursor like this:


In MycustomCursor’s EventGraph I set slot’s position every tick:


Then I create my cursor in EventBeginPlay of TopDownController blueprint:

But my cursor’s position doesn’t seem correct @@


This not work like that, check in the 4.9 you have a class for that and in the project settings you can set the cursors.

Project Settings -> User Interface -> Cursors

Anyway you see that because is using the center of the canvas and no the center of the image…

Hi Hevedy, thank you very much. Just add MyCustomCursor blueprint in Project Settings -> User Interface -> Cursors and it works fine in the version 4.8, no need any nodes :smiley: