Create C++ template without Visual Studio


I would like to create a C++ template in Unreal Engine, but I can’t because I have to install Visual Studio, because no compiler was found.

But I don’t want to install Visual Studio, is possible to install any other compiler on Windows 7 (x64) for example clang? And how to link (for example clang for Windows) with Unreal Engine?


Why don’t you want to use Visual Studio?

Because I have some problems with .NET Framework, I was solving it on Technet (support by Microsoft) and no success.

Still no solution?

Not sure, there some hints for clang support in Windows in target build script but there 0 documentation on how to make it work. You need to set bCompileWithClang in your target build script

But even do you still need .NET to run UnrealBuildTool.

Note that you don’t need VS IDE editor if that the issue for you, you can run UBT from command line and it will just use VS compiler. In matter of fact VS IDE with UE4 is practically just text editor since UBT is managing everything and only compiler is needed. Since you can compile from command line you can use any text editor or IDE you like, you just need to have VS installed and that it, UBT only needs compiler from it. Even if you try the clang path you will need to run UBT from command line. the command line to build is

X:\UE4\Engine\Build\BatchFiles\Build.bat ProjectNameEditor Win64 Debug “X:\Path\To\ProjectName.uproject” -WaitMutex

Just replace paths ProjectName with actual project name, Editor at the end is needed to make editor build without that your module won’t work with editor, if you wish you can replace Debug with Development (if you take engine from launcher then you will need to use Development)

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