Create C++ component with drag & drop references to child

Hello all,

Let’s start by saying that I come from a Unity background which is probably why I have problems with this :rolleyes: But since it has been bugging me now for a while I want to ask once and for all:

How do I create a component that gets attached to any actor, then lets me pick a child component of that actor, drag and drop it as a reference in my component so that I can manipulate the position from my added component. This is pretty much the “Spinner” example but I do not want to change the owner, I want to change a child of my choosing!

If this is not directly possible how do people go on about doing similar stuff? Sure, you can do it in the class itself but then the modularity of components gets lost. I guess you also can get the owner in the component initialization and then find a specific child, but that also compromises the generality of the component.

Thanks in advance!