Create c++ Actor classes throw GamePlay Ui . Help :)

Hello developers :)…

I got a question …I have Create all my Meshes ( c++ Actors ) and set them to a specific mesh in Content browser
And have my UI GameInterface up and running :)…now …how can I Create my Actors so I can drag them in to my world in gameplay ? :). It Should be in the blue boxes there :P…Should I use blueprint or c++ for this ( about 50 Mesh Actors and it will be more :slight_smile: ).
Next thing is a smaller problem that someone here have a simple solution for I hope …my RTS Camera is zooming when I scrolling in the GameMeny :stuck_out_tongue: …add a bool or something that inactivate zooming when I hover over the GameInterface ? :slight_smile: ( Sorry for my broken english …not so good at writing …talk better then write )
please help.

Edit ( GameMeny Conflict fixed :)) …Just set the scroll to " Consume " to Always instead of "When scrolling possible ) :smiley: