Create button with custom style and shape using blueprint/C++

Hi ,

I am creating a basic menu using Slate and blueprint , but I am unable to create a button with custom shape , say a button in the shape of ellipse. Suppose I create a button using the below xaml template in WPF

            <Style TargetType="Button">
                <Setter Property="Template">
                        <ControlTemplate TargetType="Button">
                            <Border Background="#FF6C6C6C" CornerRadius="4"/>

See the cornerradius is 4 so it means my button is not exacly rectangular here

How to achieve similar result using blueprint(preferably) or C++ ?

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In yourHUD blueprint add a hitbox (and events for it) and a drawMaterialSimple in the same location, and plug a material with a texture in unlit>emissive which looks like an ellipse into it. Use .png for the texture for easy handling of opacity. After your receivedrawhud event, use a bool branch to control exposure of the button.

Thanks a lot. Working

Hey , as you can see, the texture inside the border is not appearing. Kindly let me know where I am making mistake