Create blueprint class from existing actor(s)?

Hi there,

I couldn’t find anything about this: Is there a possibility to create a blueprint class by taking over an existing scene (actor)? Here’s an example:

Imagine you have to create a hotel, containing a lot of identical empty rooms. You start creating a room directly in the editor, add walls and floor, materials, put in all the lights - and then you think of something that you should have thought of earlier: You should have created the room as a blueprint class in order to put the hotel together by simply drag-and-dropping the room blueprints.

As I am quite new to UE, I see only one way to solve this: open a new blueprint class and starting all over again from scratch, building the room a second time. It would be great if there would be a way to use the room I have created already and turn it into a blueprint class. Is there a way?

Any idea someone?

I have been looking for this myself and haven’t found any way of doing it.
I dont know what exactly the possibilities are with Blutilities but maybe it helps.

me too a year ago.