Create better SkyAtmosphere features for Moon

Here are my issues with the UE5 SkyAtmosphere + Directional Lights currently:

  1. You can’t add a Moon Mesh/Texture/Material to the ball of light - it looks pretty stupid considering the rest of the engine can be very realistic.

  2. The Moon setting/rising gives a red glow off of it, much like the normal Sun. This isn’t accurate, and I can’t figure out a way to change this specifically for the Moon without it affecting the Sun.

  3. There’s no output from the SkyAtmosphere to get the Sun Disc position - So you have to resort to making your own botched mathematics to try and get a Moon Asset to cover up the Sun Disc - which unless you line this up perfectly, it doesn’t work very well as eventually the Sun Disc peeks out behind the asset - ruining the realistic effect you’re going for.

  4. Nesting Directional Lights doesn’t always rotate the light source correctly. Sometimes the light sources just freeze, despite being rotated by the parent, other times they seemingly pull values out of thin air - they’re kind of a mess right now.