Create Axe playmode

Hey can anyone tell me how to create a playmode for axe?

i mean, that you have an axe in your hands and when you press Left mouse button, the player swings the axe.
And if the player is near enough to a tree, it gets damage and after a few chops, it will fall down.

Can anyone help me? PLS

First of all lets start with animation, there lots of programs that can create animation maya 3dmax blender(free).
You will need an mesh of hand or whole body (depends of the game you make), you will it to have a skeleton and another bone lets call it Handle bone near his hand where he will hold the axe.
From here you will need to create animation check tutorials online if needed, of the mesh swings his axe (the axe should not be in the animation, but the Handle bone should follow the hand with offset parent relationship), after that you need the axe mesh as well no animation needed for the axe (if its not alive or anything).
After that you will need to create an animation bp here is a tutorial that goes in steps what to do, BP 3rd Person Game: Introduction | 01 | v4.8 Tutorial Series | Unreal Engine - YouTube
great the tutorial have most of the thing you need.

Now that we are done with the animation, and lets say that you know how to play the animation from the tutorial and know how to handle it we will work on the tree getting cut down.
Lets say you are using the First person BP template you will need to do a raycast from the character at the left mouse click button(should be called shoot or action button) (it should be already in the blueprint but if its not check Google).
Now you break the hit result and drag the hit actor from the break, and cast it to a tree, form there you should make the tree 1.Or take damage and then break apart or 2.Break apart in one hit.

Hmm I guess I got to the most of the important points GOOD LUCK!