Create Async Blueprint Node in C++?

Hi UE4 community ,

I want to implement some SDK in my game and for that I need to have a Blueprint Node which have two exec pins as onFailure and onSuccess somthing like this.

The most important thing here is the clock or timer icon on the node(its for async task).
How do I do it to get a clock icon on a BP node.

I have source build of UE4 and checked the source code also but I failed to crack it.
If somebody knows how to achieve it please help me.

take a look at Engine\Plugins\Online\OnlineSubsystemUtils\Source\OnlineSubsystemUtils\Classes\ShowLoginUICallbackProxy.h

I’ve written a little tutorial on this topic

Sadly, this doesn’t work in my case. Just to try it out, I followed your tutorial and copy + pasted your final code for the DelayOneFrame node. While compiling, I always get the error Unrecognized type FMyAsyncTaskOutputPin - type must be a UCLASS, USTRUCT, or UENUM.

I don’t see any code there containing FMyAsyncTaskOutputPin. Are you sure you copied the correct code?

In case it’s not just a typo:
This kind of error is common when working with delegates in UE4. Usually either executing a full rebuild on your project (Build → Rebuild in Visual Studio) or temporarily deleting/commenting out all the code referencing said type (delegate variable declaration and it’s usage) solves it.