Create Asset - Native C++ base clas

Hey. Sorry if this has been asked before, I checked the search function but it’s hard to formulate a good search term for it.

I am trying to generate a couple of assets via an Editor Utility Widget, but it seems I am in way over my head. The following is a sort of simplified setup of the current code:

The problem is, the result is always a subclass of Actor since the parent class is not a blueprint but rather a C++ native class derived directly from UObject.
What I WANT to get out of this is something like this:

Sometimes I get an error message depending on the input that the Factory cannot create this type of asset, I assume because it is not a subclass of Blueprint but rather Object. If I remove the factory, I get this:

What I guess I want is a blueprint “wrapper” around a C++ class, just like the one in the second screenshot. I am, sadly, completely clueless what I should be doing.

Any help would be highly appreciated.

Replying to myself, I solved the issue by using a template object and duplicating it instead of creating a new one. Now I need to find out how to set properties on the asset.

And did you find out? Struggling with the same thing :sweat_smile: