Create Animation Asset Reference Variable?


Is there any way to have an Animation as a public/editable variable? For some reason one is not allowed to promote the animation to use as a variable. I’m GUESSING this has something to do with not knowing what animations are applicable on the skeleton. I could be wrong.

Is there some solution or work around for this?

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Have you tried creating a variable by adding it via the variables panel? You should be able to change its type and search for the animation asset type you need after creating it.

Yeah, that works. :slight_smile:

I think the problem with “promoting” is that it takes both anim sequences and matinees (I noticed), so I guess there’s no clear type for it to promote.


Problem solved.

For those wanting to do this as well, use “Anim Sequence Base” as your variable type. I tried typing animation sequence but that didn’t bring anything up. “Anim” is apparently the search term.


whoa thanks dude!

This was how i solve my problem


Thanks so much!