Create and modify mesh dynamically from script

Hi all,

I’m new to UE as I’m working since several time on Unity and I currently test UE4 to check/validate the opportunity to switch to this engine.
So I’m trying to migrate a small project from Unity to EU4

Can someone provide me some help (like to relevant classes to use) to be able to create and modify at runtime a mesh (vertices position, UV mapping, …) ?
I probably need to use UPrimitiveComponent and/or UMeshComponent but I’m a bit disappointed by the lake of examples.

Thanks in advance


Yes I found this class but I have difficulties to find documentation :frowning:
I think I will have to go inside the source code…


You have to keep in mind the documentation isnt finished - Thus it might be best to try this in 6 months time when the documentation is expected to be nearly finished as it would give you a better idea of how valid the chance to switch is.

I also need to know how to slice meshes in real time to be able to port my project.
While I have no idea how to cut objects in UE4 I’m tied to Unity.

Code example on the wiki:

Thread on the subject: