Create an object showing data from excel

Hi all,
I’m trying to obtain the following procedure.
I’m starting from Autodesk Revit, I have excel file with object information (i.e. geometry, volume, material, color and so on).
I’d like to:
— import this data to UE
— when interacting with a object (touch the object with the hand of Oculus Rift CV1 in VR), I’d like to see a kind of summary of the mentioned textual info. Information can be seen overwritten to the object or in a kind of “small rectangular” screen (see attached image).
More specifically: when I touch a column, a rectangular shape must appear with some rows showing the data cointained in excel file.
— when I stop touching the object, the informations disappear.
Is there any workflow possibile ? :eek::eek::eek:

Thank you in advance.
Antonio - Fab Lab Olbia

You could use *Text Render *for this or a Widget Component. Since you want a fancy *rectangular shape *as well, you should opt for a widget.

  • Export Excel data to *.csv file
  • Create a *Struct *base on the data in the file
  • Create a *DataTable *using the above-mentioned struct (drag-drop the *.csv file into the Content Browser -> choose struct)

To display text in 3d world, you’d want to create a 2d widget first with all the necessary bells & whistles and then embed it in a widget component. Now you’ll have a couple of options when interacting with the objects in the 3d world. Either give each object a widget component and show it in a predetermined location (object offset) or just have a single Widget Component and move it around as you navigate the world. If you ever want to have more than 1 display active at a time, every object needs its own component, obviously.

If every object has its own component, you can populate the widget with text in the construction script. If you use only one component for all objects, you’ll need to read the DataTable on the go. Pick you poison.

One way or another, each interactive object should have a unique name variable, ideally corresponding to the entry in the Excel sheet/csv. When you trigger the object interaction, use the *unique name variable *to fetch the entry from the *DataTable *and feed it to the hungry widget (pretty much the same as in the construction script), and show it.