Create an ellipsoid from a bounding box via blueprint

hey, i have a math question: i want to scale a 1m*1m sphere to an ellipsoid mesh based on the bounding box of another actor.
how could i realize it in this blueprint?

the purpose is to create an energyshield for a spaceship that can scale to the correct size.

hey, a colleague helped me with this, and i made a small tutorial for this.

check it out, if you also need a solution for this…

Got a link?

sorry only saw this now.
yea there was a link already, but with change to the new forums it got deleted
here it is

thing is, i once put text captions in the bottom. these explained what i was doing, but at some point, youtube removed this feature and then they were gone. so you can only decipher this vid by following my mouse moves and deciphering the blueprint.

good luck