Create an array of assets from folder

Hi, i would like to create an array that lists all the static meshes in a specific folder from contect browser in exemple).
I have a lot of parts that i need display in a menu, but it would be too painful to build the array element by element…

I’ve searched for an hour or more, but i couldnt find anyone asking the same…


I was looking for something like this recently to make an array of all map files in a specific subdirectory, but it looks like it’s possible only using C++. I’m not a programmer myself and stick mostly to BP, but I managed to make a BP node with this functionality using some topics on AnswerHub, the forum and Wiki.

I used this code:

And made it into a node with these links:

You may also find what you are looking for here:

You are my hero :smiley:

No problem, glad it helped! :slight_smile:

Hey! I just tried to implement it, and while it does compile. The blueprint node is not showing up in the blueprint editor. Any clue?




Hey man.
Noticed your post is quite old, and you have no doubt figured out the problem, but I just went through the same and thought I’d post here in case others find it.

Top right corner of the blueprint menu you have open in picture 1 - Untick the box next to ‘Context Sensitive’ and your new blueprint functions will show.