Create an anime game

Right now I create little games in Unreal Engine, help with blueprint. I do different things on the hobby level.
One day I thought “Create an anime game” but there is many problems.
I can’t create:

  • 3D models
  • Animations
  • Voices/Sounds/Musics
  • Design
  • Good story

I tried those above things but I failed.
Someone who likewise wants to create 3d models, animations, voices/sounds/musics, design or good story on a hobby level?
I can’t offer money but we can practice to be better in our chosen hobbies.:slight_smile:

Are you serious about doing this? You do not seem to want to give the game a professional level.
Yeah, I am serious. I want the game will be available publicly because I thought a MMORPG anime game or something similar game where people can be together, level up together, chat with others, etc…

How do you keep up the server if there is no revenue?
Donation. I will launch a donation option. Patreon or other similar site.

Well then, I’m waiting for the candidates.:smiley:
P.S.: If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask me. :slight_smile:

Do you have design documents for this game?

That sounds promising! I would have definitely applied If I was seeking employment.

@Nawrot : I don’t have any design documents. Unfortunately, I am bad with draw/design things.:frowning:
But I have a plan:

  • Create MMORPG in anime style
  • The story would be a High School students and time traveling/or travel to other world (For example: The protagonist is bullied by others at school and somehow go back in past or travel to other world. Mixed KonoSuba, RE:Zero, Sword Art Online, right now I watch Todome no Kiss japanese series which is go back in past)
  • The camera position will be the character eyes. Something like that: so VR users and mouse/keyboard users can see same things
  • When must choose character then there will be an option where can create a character. In character creation side can modify the whole character parameters (I will try my best with this, I think it will be difficult in my level, but there is a hope :rolleyes:). So everybody will have different character types.
  • Of course it would be boring if all players have same story, so therefore will be different story to different character parameters (not character type girl or boy, instead parameters). Yeah I know it would be a lot of work if define stories to character parameters, but it would be interesting and unique.:slight_smile:
  • In story process, when the characters come together to overcome the difficulties, it would be a common quest/group quest and after when they clear the quest then they will go to their story again. If they don’t clear the quest then they will die and they can’t play with same character. They must create new character but they can’t create a character which has same parameters which was before.

Right now it is the plan, probably it will change in future and add new plans. Of course, the opinions and advice of others are important to me.:slight_smile: So if you all have opinions and/or advice then don’t hesitate write here or PM me.

I will be a bit of harsh here, you must have design documents for such project.
To clarify design documents are not drawigs, well should have some drawings, but not kind you think about right now.
You need to describe in detail game mechanics, how you connect to server, your business model (maintaining server is not cheap, so you need to have some income).
Then some decisions if you go for kickstarter, or get loan in bank, or seek some investors. You need money for trips to game dev conferences to advertise your game.
Maybe you apply for Epics grants to promising developers, etc. You need to plan all that stuff before you start developing game.

Thank you the advice. Yeah, I thought that will be difficult, so therefore I didn’t plan in start to create perfect game. First something easy things create and after “the future team” can go to higher level. Because the team must learn how to work together. It sounds like childish I’m going to write, but my goal is not money instead knowledge. Better knowledge people can gain when people do things for real (for example I am so). :slight_smile: Of course nowadays without money can’t do much things.:frowning:

I understand what do you mean. You mean something like that:…rk-d3ey4gk.jpg and https://euwinjohnatkins.files.wordpr…-sketches2.gif and…mages/lume.jpg

Unfortunately I don’t have a good fantasy mind. That’s why I need a designer who has good mind to these things.:slight_smile:

It is impossible to make such game alone. You must lay very good foundation for whole project, and pick some small role in it. With such project most of your time will be spent creating posts here, recruiting more people, giving assignments to team. Leader for any indie team is full time job, you should be happy when you get some free time for actual game making.

And no you do not need to make artwork for game, your task would be rather making diagrams of how game should work, or creating roadmap for project. For you as leader your task would be making your team work together, organizing meetings, creating trello page, maybe forum, some source control, etc.

Hmm I see. I thought if some people will be in team then we can discuss further how we plan the future game.
Realistic which you mentioned but it would look like the team create a game for me, instead create a game which the team would like to create. Of course it is not foolish to present some material to the candidates.:smiley:
I will do my best tomorrow to create diagrams and other things explain what I mean with this anime game “project”. :slight_smile: