Create an AI Bot that Shoots, Chase, and Patrols [Tutorial]

Hey Everyone Whats Up,

In this new series on creating an AI Bot we utilize Unreal Engine 4’s Blueprint Scripting.

We go over each step, creating the navmesh, bot, data-asset, waypoints, behavior tree task/service/decorators, attacking and checking of line of sight.

Blueprint Breakdown:

I absolutely loved these videos! If you’d like, you could post these to a page for the Unreal Wiki’s tutorials. It would get a bit more exposure there and wouldn’t get buried.

Be looking out for new tutorials and documentation for Behavior Trees coming soon from us!

This is awesome.

Thanks for the lessons Peter. You got me subscribed

That’s means a lot coming from you Alexander! I will have to get around to doing that soon, thanks for the tip. And sweet! I want to create another series on more advanced AI, so any more documentation from Epic will help immensely! I’ve learned everything by studying the best. :slight_smile:

I appreciate the Support & Sub SememeS! I’m taking request, so please don’t hesitate to post it here!

Hi Peter!

I just completed the tutorial (great job by the way), however, the bot doesn’t move, he just stands idle :frowning: Do you have any idea what I’ve missed that could cause this or is it a case of just starting again?


Excellent work Peter.
I’m going to link to your channel from mine - and hopefully muster up some more subscribers for you :slight_smile:


Here’s a snapshot of your channel listed on mine :slight_smile:

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Hey LexLuther1,

Has anyone told you you’re awesome? Thanks for the support I really appreciate it.

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Part 2

Thanks alot, I was just about to search for these!

Do you have the tutorial in text?

Sweet! Glad it found its way to you. :slight_smile:

I have it completely broken down into images. Check this out!

Good afternoon everyone,

Forgiving, not if someone has already written something about it, but in Part 1 of the tutorial “botWaypoint” function is defined but not done anything on it, is that correct? I really can not move the bot.

Thank you!

Fantastic tutorial, Peter! These are extremely helpful for people like myself, who are looking to learn Blueprints. I’ve subscribed to your channel and will be keeping an eye out for future content :slight_smile:

I apologize, it is solved, it was my fault.

Thank you.

Exceptional work SilentX! Very easy to follow and set up. All your tutorials are great. Keep up the amazing work!

Nice tutorial Peter! Thank you for making these videos, they are great!

Somehow I managed to watch your videos and forgot to subscribe… Sorry about that, I have now fixed that most egregious mistake! :slight_smile:

Thank you! I’m actually working on a new project I will release soon. Its all related to AI w/ Blueprint ;D.

No problem! Happy you found it.

Thanks a lot Sean Gribbin! You keep up the awesome work too!

I am most understanding sir.


I just got back home from teaching at ASU. I will be posting updates soon on main request thread.

Update #2

Please follow this thread, thank you!

They see me through walls ?! What I can do?