Create aim offset that doesn't look ugly?

I have tried this a lot of times and I keep getting the same result. basically, it works at a glance but there is always a lot of mismatch between the interpolation points. basically, if my dude is holding a gun, the left hand will clip through the gun when my dude looks down 45 degrees. it looks good at -90,0,90 and so on. the obvious solution would just add more sections. it’s still bad, I even tried with 1 frame per degree and that just created a new problem(and a lot of work if I wanted to do it this way). basically, the hands would finally look almost perfect but the arms wouldn’t interpolate smoothly at all.
I can add some clips of the results if it’s required.

have anyone actually got the aim offset to work properly and with good results? I’m sure the results mentioned above would be acceptable for third person if you’re not too picky but it’s just so obvious in first person. I feel like I have tinkered with every setting but I might have missed something along the way.

again, no video because i’m lazy but will provide if my explaination was garbage.

edit: i failed to mention that all the tutorials i have seen either do one of two things. excactly what i have done, with a aim offset class. or by rotating the spine, that being an absolute last resort as it doesn’t look nearly as good as the first option(when it works lol)