Create advanced car

Hi, I’m currently working with vehicles. Now I want to upgrade my ‘boring’ Sedan like Model I bought at marketplace to the advanced vehicle.

But I’m not sure what the exact difference is.

I read the [double wishbone guide][1] guide and it seems, the only difference is the tire setup, that you use physical tires and visible tires. So do I have to add bones to my skeletal mesh? And call these bones in the AnimationBP? What more is behind this “advanced vehicle”, I can’t find big differences to other cars.

Well the features are described on the Advanced Vehicle Kit. Besides the obvious stuff like more predefined cameras and interactions, it’s indeed the wishbones. Take a look at the advanced vehicle from the UE4 content examples.

To make the advanced vehicle animation BP work as-is with your model, its skeleton needs to be set up with bones that match the default names of the suspension components. The easiest way to do this is probably to look at and replicate the names used in the template available in the documentation: How to Build a Double Wishbone Suspension Vehicle in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.2 Documentation

Direct link to the FBX to use as a guide:

Assuming nothing has been changed in terms of the bone names and the animBP as made available in the project template, everything should work as long as the referenced names match for PhysWheel, ArmLower, Kingpin etcetera (etcetera).