Create a working gyroscope

This is just a quick question. I was wondering if it would be possible to create a real working gyroscope with in the engine. So it would orient its self (when spinning) to what ever. I’m not thinking of making something that looks like its working. I’m wondering if it would be possible to make an actual simulation?


When you ask about a real force/physicsbased gyro, then i think the answer is no.
It’s easy to test.
Attach one end of a cablecompo onto a static actor and the other cable end to the ring axis, with pysics active enabled.
No self stabilize.
But that are only my 50 cent. ^^

Ok that’s what I thought. Maybe there’s a way to do it through blue prints? Like not visually seeing the gyroscope in motion but just the way it works. So for example make a cube that could act the same way a gyroscope would around a spherical object like a planet?



Haha thanks for that. That’s some good info. But my brain is not powerful enough to get this implemented in any way shape or form. It may take a couple of readings to let it sink in!