Create a uasset from TArray < uint8 > during runtime

I have a mesh in a uasset that is downloaded from the internet, which puts the uasset into a TArray < uint8 > binary array. How do I get the engine to read the binary array as a uasset during runtime?


That is illegal, we are not allowed to ship a game that relies on code from the Editor section of the engine, which making a uasset/loading a uasset would require

You can write your own file types using my Binary Save System tutorial as a reference!

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How would this be done to load USkeletalMesh data at runtime? Any ideas?

Well you have two options here.

1/ Use the code Rama linked to above to serialize out a USkeletalMesh to a binary file that can be serialized back in at runtime.

2/ Create a custom Skeletal Mesh actor that uses a custom format to obtain its data, this is the method I have gone with, I can load a Skeletal Mesh at runtime from a custom file format, without the need for storing in a uasset.

Looks like 1 option listed here.