Create a turn based asynchronous game with UE4 and pass data to & from my own server.

Hi UE4 developers.

I’m completely new to UE4 and have been reading up on tuts and watching vids for the past week or so.

I’ve come from years of developing with a 2D engine, tinkered a little with another 3d engine and now I’m hoping to get to grips with UE4.

I’d created my own asynchronous server and PHP scripts before which worked with 2D engine. Using HTTP POST functionality it would allow me to send JSON files from the client to the Server, convert it into an array and update the database as required. Then I could use GET to retrieve the necessary info from the database. All worked well, was beautifully secure and made use of PDO queries instead of the now dated MySQL queries.

I’m wondering what options there are with UE4 to do something similar. I’m not looking for real time multiplayer, just turn based (asynchronous) gameplay where the game would send and retrieve info from a server in the cloud.

I’d love to try it out with Blueprint but if I need to go down the C++ route I’d happily look into that as well.


If you only need the JSON functionality, then you can try either JSON Query or VaRest. They are plugins for the editor and are very easy to get started with if you have a grasp of Blueprints and events.

I used JSON Query to test a simple character data set.

Note that plugins are compiled for a specific engine version, so make sure you have a compatible version of the editor when downloading the plugins. Otherwise, kindly ask the plugin creator to compile a new version for you. Have fun! :slight_smile:

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A good place to start would be the JSON plugin. I’m just getting to know my way around the engine myself, so I haven’t made use of this plugin yet, but I plan to within the next week or two.

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